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Sports Facilities & Achievement  :

Sport & Culture :

Our College participates in sports & cultural activities of MUHS Nashik. Last year our students participated in Inter Universities Sports meet in Gujrat State. Outdoor & Indoor facilities available for sports.

• Sports committee’s goal is to nurture the culture of sports in the students.
• Committee shall promote ball games like volley ball, cricket and court games like badminton, tennis.
• Committee shall promote Indian games like kho-kho and kabbadi. Also Board games like chess, carom.
• Committee shall organize internal sports competitions and events in the institute.
• Committee shall empower students council to manage such events
• Committee shall make recommendations for the purchase of new equipments and maintenance of current ones.
• Committee shall make appointments of coach; for better training of students for sporting competitions and events.
• Committee will encourage students by providing resources and financial aid to participate in inters college competition, state or national level competition.
• Committee should strive to host regional or state level sports competition in the institute.

Committee Members:

  • Chairman: Dr. Narhare M. T.

  • Members: Mr. Kadam and Dr. Bandapalle D. N.

Recent Activity :-

Institute hosted; M.U.H.S., Nasik Marathawada region sports selection Competition Oct. 2018 For Vollyboll, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho, Basketball, Athletic


Institute Hosted; Association of Indian University and M.U.H.S., Nasik Badminton selection competition Sept. 2018.


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