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Cultural   :

Gathering Educational Trips etc. :

To avoid monotone in our daily college life we organizes Annual Gathering, Ganesh Festival & Educational Trips.

Institute organized annul cultural event “Euphoria – 2019”

Yugantar 2018 Gathering


Vision and Function:

• The Cultural Committee of the institute strives to celebrate the cultural diversity on the campus by organizing cultural performances /literary events and various workshops.
• The Committee ensures that the students have a home-away-from home experience at the institute.
• The Committee provides various opportunities for the students to relax and enjoy campus life amidst rigorous academics.
• Committee has an ideology that Cultural diversity and propensity towards cultural endeavors fosters not only a complete learning arc but also the ability to go beyond the set deliverables.
• The student community here comes from diversified backgrounds, and celebrating our differences, as well as our common interests, helps us unite and learn from each other.
• Committee understands the importance of cultural sensitivity in Medical profession and committee ensures that students are sensitive to each other’s culture.
• The committee seeks to create a platform that provides the students with an opportunity to display creative talents in a variety of ways.

• Social themes. They are written and edited by the students and sometimes by teachers and past pupils.
• For the management of the magazine, an Editorial Board is formed comprising teachers and students. The students send their articles to the editor or any member of the editorial board. Then a selection is made and the best articles are published in the magazine with necessary addition and changes.

Committee Members:

Chairman: Dr. Mahindrakar S. V.
1. Dr. Kore N. K.
2. Dr. Jadhav P. U.
3. Dr. Jadhav R. A.

Recent activity:


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