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Course :

B.A.M.S. Course :

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery :

Duration :
B.A.M.S. Degree course is 5 years & 6 month, in which 4 years & 6 months is professional & one year for compulsory rotating intership.

Eligibility :
1. The candidate must have passed the H.S.C. with Science subjects viz Physics , Chemistry, & Biology from a recognized University or Board with minimum 50% marks for general category & 40% marks for Sc, ST & OBC.
2. The candidate must have passed MH-CET or Assiciate CET with minimum 50% marks for General Category & 40% marks for SC, ST, & OBC.
3. The candidate must have completed the Age of 17 years at the time of admission.

Medium of Instruction : English, Marathi, Hindi & Sanskrit.
Course Outcomes (CO), Program Outcomes (PO) & Program specific outcomes (PSO)
• The Course Outcomes (COs): They are the resultant knowledge skills the student acquires at the end of a course. It defines the cognitive processes a course provides.
• Program Outcomes (POs): Represents the knowledge, skills and attitudes the students should have at the end of a 4 & ½ year Ayurvedic Curriculum along with 1 year compulsory internship program framed by CCIM India.
• Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs): PSOs are statements that describe what the graduates of a specific ayurved program should be able to do.

BAMS course (UG)
After completion of BAMS 4 &1/2 year course & 1 year compulsory internship program, students will be able to -

1) Knowledge / Cognitive :
Following completion of BAMS course students will be able to 
- Understand the Ayurveda through all its relevant sources (Compendium, Commentaries etc).
- Understand the basic principles of Ayurveda.
- Diagnose and treat patient through Ayurveda.
- Understand Ayurvedic Methodology for diagnosing a patient correctly.
- Get knowledge to prepare the various Ayurved Drugs by various methods mentioned through classics.
- Identify the herbal drugs along with their nomenclature, habitat, specifications & their acting property.
- Identify various toxic plants and their hazardous effect on humans along with their antidotes.

2) Skills / Psychomotor :
Following completion of BAMS course students will be able to 
- Check a patient by taking proper history, diagnosing the patient by using various methodologies or steps mentioned in Ayurveda.
- Treat a patient with the help various treatment measures mentioned in Ayurveda like Panchkarma, Purvakarma etc.
- Perform skilled Panchakarma procedures along with its previous & post procedures.
- Other procedures mentioned in Ayurvedic classics apart from Panchkarma, correctly & neatly.
- Do research on certain topics of Ayurveda and can prove the uniqueness of Ayurveda as a life science.

3) Attitude & Behaviour / Affetive:
Following completion of BAMS course students will be able to
- Talk & behave politely with the patient and their relatives.
- Counsel and convince the patient and the relatives regarding the disease & the line of treatment.
- Retrieve, evaluate & use Ayurved information regarding contemporary issues in the world & relevant to their day to day lives.
- Access health care literacy and adopt to the patients comprehension while educating them about their medical condition and treatment.




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